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Mechanic pouring oil into engine

How Do You Know Your Car Needs an Oil Change Service?

Oil is essential for the proper functioning of your car. It forms a protective layer, lubricates the moving parts inside your car’s engine, and reduces friction between the parts, allowing for a smoother ride and increasing the engine’s life. However, when your car is low on engine oil or when the oil gets old and dirty, your car won’t run as smoothly as it used to. In this blog from Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO, we’ll discuss some of the warning signs that tell you your car needs an oil change service.  

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A dog wearing a spectacle is driving a car

How to Travel in a Car with Your Pet

A Guide for Travelling by Car with Your Pet

Your pets are like a family to you. You can never imagine traveling without your pets. However, it makes you anxious to think how they will cope with traveling long distances in a car. Will they suffer from motion sickness? Will they get dizzy? Will the riding experience be as joyful for them as it is for us? Do not worry! Here, in this blog by the Carvilles Auto Mart dealership in Grand Junction, CO, we present you with some basic tips to travel safely in a car with your pet.

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One police color is running on the road

What to Do When You Get Pulled Over?

Things You Should Do When You Get Pulled Over by the Police

Getting pulled over by the police is undoubtedly not an experience you will ever want to remember. The mere thought of seeing those flashes of red/blue lights in your car’s rear-view mirror and the siren can make one feel hyper-anxious and nervous. A lot of us have no idea how to handle these scenarios. A lot of questions will come to your mind. Where do you pull over? How should you converse with the officers? Calm down! Here, in this blog by the Carvilles Auto Mart dealership in Grand Junction, CO, we present you with tips on what to do when you get pulled over.

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A lady in red top is feeling nauseated while on the road in a car.

How to Prevent Car Sickness

Tips to Avoid Car Sickness

Car trips are so much fun and thrilling. However, for people who are prone to car sickness, car trips are anything but relaxing. Upcoming car trips make them feel anxious and stressed. Even the thought of being on a moving air-conditioned car with closed windows make them feel dizzy. Unfortunately, this group of people is deprived of the feeling of excitement and exhilaration that comes with road trips. Do not be disheartened. Here, in this blog by the Carville’s Auto Mart dealership in Grand Junction, CO, we present some helpful tips to avoid car sickness.

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How to Inspect a Used Car for Safety?

Top Safety Checks to Make Before Buying a Used Car 

Buying a used car is looking better and better to many shoppers. It saves money, provides the same satisfaction as a brand-new car, and provides quality transportation for years to come! One of the significant concerns about buying a used car is related to its reliability and drivability. But finding a trouble-free vehicle has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with good research and investigation. Knowing how to spot potential problems can save you from future automotive headaches when you’re on the road. So, what are the top safety checks to make before buying a used car? At Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO, we elaborate on what you need to inspect in a used car.  

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Windshield Cleaning

Find Out How to Clean the Inside of the Windshield of Your Car on Your Own!

DIY – Clean the Inside of a Vehicle’s Windshield

One of the main factors that need to be handled for you to enjoy a relaxed and serene driving experience is to have a clean windshield. Every drive will result in a lot of dust and dirt accumulating on the windshield of your vehicle. Over time, this can result in scratches too. Dusty windshields can cause immense problems during night-time drives.

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Tips for driving after dark in Grand Junction, CO

How To Safely Drive After Dark In Grand Junction, CO?

Tips for driving after dark in Grand Junction, CO  

At night, drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a deadly car collision than during the day. When driving at night, you are less likely to notice approaching objects due to the limited visibility. So, how can you get around Winder safely after dark? As the holiday season approaches, more people will be on the road. Not only will knowing how to drive at night help people prevent car accidents, but it will also make the road relatively safer for everyone else. Read this blog by Carville’s Auto Mart to learn some tips for driving after dark in Grand Junction, CO. Then browse our pre-owned selection here!  

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Checking the efficiency of a battery while replacing it

How to Know When Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

Tips for Identifying a Dying Car Battery 

Not all cars can maintain their ride quality for more than five years. Finding the right vehicle with undisputed durability remains a myth. It is crucial that you take a deep dive into the mechanical and technical aspects of your vehicle so that the steps to an improved driving experience are taken before the components wear down to destruction. No matter how uninformed the drivers are, the car gives you clear warnings of a dying system. Batteries are an important part of the assemblage so that the rides are powered enough to push through the traffic with ease. Unless you have an idea about the signs of a waning car battery, it would be difficult to fathom the issue. Here are a few tips for identifying a dying car battery in order to avoid accidents caused by circuits in shambles. Check out this diverse space of Carville’s Auto Mart, Grand Junction, CO, to find solutions to all your service-related queries. 

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