A dog wearing a spectacle is driving a car

How to Travel in a Car with Your Pet

A Guide for Travelling by Car with Your Pet

Your pets are like a family to you. You can never imagine traveling without your pets. However, it makes you anxious to think how they will cope with traveling long distances in a car. Will they suffer from motion sickness? Will they get dizzy? Will the riding experience be as joyful for them as it is for us? Do not worry! Here, in this blog by the Carvilles Auto Mart dealership in Grand Junction, CO, we present you with some basic tips to travel safely in a car with your pet.

A dog is putting his head out from the car.
Two dogs are putting their heads out from the window of a car.

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Tips to Travel Safely in a Car with Your Pet

  • Before starting the trip, put your pet in the car. Let him wander around for some time and get familiar with the car’s interior, the smell, etc. It will put him at ease.
  • Do not let your pets roam around freely in the car. It is crucial to use a pet carrier, especially for long drives. It will keep them safe from any accidental injuries. No matter what size your pet is, you must put them in a travel crate for utmost safety and security.
  • Carry an adequate amount of pet food and water for the trip. You do not have to get stressed out if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a defective car and no assistance.
  • The front-seating area should be off-limit for your pets. Seat belts and airbags are built for the adult-sized human body, and pets are neither physically equipped for either. The results could be hazardous. Also, they might distract the person sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • Get some pet toys and their favorite treats. These will keep them engaged and relaxed for hours.

Following these simple tips will make your road trips with your furry friends enjoyable and safe.

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