Technician and mechanic working on car

Learn how to change the oil and oil filter in your car!

Video: How to Change Oil & Oil Filter

The oil and oil filter play a vital role in the performance of any vehicle. The oil helps keep the engine lubricated and cool, and without it, the engine may overheat and eventually stall. That’s why it is important to stay up to date on the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Are you wondering how to change the oil and filter of your vehicle? Watch the video below or schedule a service appointment at Carville’s Auto Mart today!

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RAM 1500 vs Chevy Silverado vs Ford F-150

Learn why pick-up trucks are so popular in CO

5 Reasons to Buy a Pick-Up Truck in Colorado

Pick-up trucks are very popular in Colorado, and for good reason. Not only can these workhorses get the job done each and every time, but they also prove useful while braving off-road terrain and making the most of the state’s trails, lakes in mountains, by offering the ability to tow boats, campers, snowmobiles, four-wheelers, dirt bikes and other toys from point A to point B. Are you wondering why so many shoppers buy pick-up trucks in Colorado? Continue reading below to learn 5 reasons why the pick-up truck segment is preferred by many drivers.  

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Mechanic waxing car

Schedule Auto Detail Service in Mesa County, CO

Winter months and Colorado weather can take a toll on any vehicle. One way drivers can help keep their vehicle in tip-top shape is by having it detailed at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO. Our Mesa County dealership provides top-notch services that help keep your vehicle’s interior and exterior clean and polished, helping prolong its sharp-looking design. Continue reading below to learn about the automotive detailing services offered at Carville’s Auto Mart!

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2019 Subaru Outback from front

Shop Used Subaru Models in Grand Junction, CO

For Colorado drivers, owning a Subaru just makes sense. The brand is known for making quality, reliable vehicles that provide capable performance whether taking on off-road terrain, cruising down the highway or braving snowy city streets. Those interested in getting a quality pre-owned Subaru vehicle in Grand Junction, CO have a vast selection of Subaru models to shop from at Carville’s Auto Mart. Continue reading below to learn about quality used Subaru models in Grand Junction, CO!

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Person jumping on snowmobile

Fun Snowmobiling Spots near Mesa County, CO

Are you interested in shredding the gnar in your snowmobile this winter? It’s a great way to spend time outside and enjoy our beautiful Colorado winters! Luckily, you don’t have to pack up and head to the Rocky Mountains to enjoy some fun trails near Mesa County, CO! Continue reading below to learn about a few fun snowmobile spots close to Grand Junction!

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2020 Nissan Pathfinder in snow

Learn a few tips for getting your car ready for winter!

Video: 6 Ways to Prepare Vehicle For Winter

The season of winter tends to be the most harsh for vehicles. With freezing temperatures, corrosive rock salt, slick and snowy road conditions and some drivers’ inability to wash the exterior of their car can prove to be difficult for any vehicle. That’s why it is important to take steps to protect your vehicle and prepare it for the winter months. Check out the video below to learn 6 ways to prepare your vehicle for winter.

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