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Independent Finance Company, a Colorado Corportation founded in 1998 was established as a Premier Buy Here Pay Here or In House Financing Company to aid individuals and families that are unable to obtain conventional bank financing with means to purchase affordable, dependable auto transportation.  Additionally Independent Finance Company provides an opportunity for the customer to reestablish and rebuild their credit profile.  Independent Finance Company or IFC lends exclusively to the customers of Carville's Auto Mart with both Corporations being owned solely by the Carville Family.

Prior to the founding of IFC, Carville's Auto Mart relied on alternative financing for its subprime customers from large national lending institutions designed to finance high risk loans.  Carville's and its customers often found these institutions to be very impersonal in servicing these loans and tended to lump all customers in the same category with rigid terms and collection methods.  IFC and Carville's Auto Mart recongnized and acknowlege that a person's credit rating can suffer from many situations unintended, unexpected and completely out of the control of the family or individual.  The Corporate name "Independent" was selected as a reminder to remain true to the idea that each customer's situation should be viewed independently based on their individal needs and circumstances.  Being local and affiliated with Carville's Auto Mart, IFC remains independent of the rigid terms, conditions and collection method of the large national subprime lenders.


Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) or In House Financing is a method Auto Dealers use to help extend credit to purchasers of autos who are unable to aquire conventional auto financing due to reasons such as poor or bad credit, lack of credit, first time buyers, bankrupcies, low income, loss of job, citizenship or a variety of other reasons making it unattainable to secure financing for an automobile.  At Carville's Auto Mart we know bad things can happen to good people and we don't just look at your past history, we make decisions on who you are today.  At Carville's Auto Mart we take the oppurtunity to get and know you and work to find that perfect auto that fits all your needs and your budget.    


Guaranteed Approvals

By owning our own bank we have the flexibility to help anyone obtain financing even when they have been turned down by other Dealers.  With that flexibility and paired with our creative finance team we can find ways to help that perfect vehicle fit anyone's budget.

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We Help Build Credit

Few Buy Here Pay Here Dealers report to Credit Bureaus due to the high cost.  At Independent Finance we report to all 3 bureaus including Trans Union, Equifax and Experian building your credit for your future purchases.  By reporting we have helped thousands go from their first car to the car of thier dreams as well as a new home in just a few short years.

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Building a Customer Relationship

Our customers are like family to us and over the years so many of our customers return to us time and time again for thier cars, thier kids cars and even help with RV and Motor Sport Loans.   

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Following the principles Independent Finance Company has established Carville's Auto Mart and IFC has grown dramatically over the years providing alternative financing to over 6,000 families and individuals in Western Colorado.  IFC reports payment history to major reporting agencies providing a means to rebuild credit which will provide better terms and interest rates on future loans.  The flexibiliity of terms and conditions with IFC keeps many customers returning time after time for their financing needs.  

If your are in search of affordable, dependable auto transportation and require help in rebuilding your credit Carville's Auto Mart and Independent Finance Company can help you get the credit you need for your next automobile.


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