Trade in Your Used Car to Carville’s Auto Mart

How to Know When it’s Time to Trade in Your Used Vehicle

Many of us have been there. Our favorite car is starting to give us issues and wear down from the grind of driving it for miles. While we might have a large personal attachment to our vehicles, sometimes we have to face facts and move on to the next one. So here are some tips on knowing when it’s time to trade in your used vehicle.

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Here Are Some Winter Safety Tips for Driving in a Motorhome or RV

Winter Driving Tips for Motorhomes and RVs

For us in Grand Junction, CO, escaping the harsh winters for a sunny vacation is something to look forward to. December is a common time of year to go on a vacation, and if you plan on a long trip for your friends or family, a motorhome can be the perfect vehicle to take a road trip in. However, there are a some cautions you need to take when it comes to driving a motorhome in winter as opposed to a car. Here are a few tips for driving your motorhome or RV in the winter.

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Carville’s Auto Mart is One of the Best Places to Sell RVs in Grand Junction CO

Where Can I Sell My RV in Grand Junction CO?

RVs are a wonderful option for road trips, offering so many utilities and conveniences to make the act of driving a long distance much more manageable. However, an RV just might not be for you. So if you’re not using your RV as much anymore, it could be time to look into selling it. But that then begs the question, “Where can I sell my RV in Grand Junction, CO?”

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Differences Between Bumper Pull vs Fifth Wheel vs Toy Hauler

Which Travel Trailer Should I Buy?

Buying a travel trailer is a big, but worthwhile, investment. However, unless you know exactly which trailer you need, it might be hard to distinguish which one to buy. Here at Carville’s Auto Mart, we offer three main trailer types: bumper pulls, fifth wheels and toy haulers. So let’s look at the differences of each to determine which travel trailer you should buy.

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RVs are a Perfect Option for Road Trips and Getaways

What are the Benefits of Using an RV for a Road Trip?

With the cold winter conditions creeping up on us, vacations are starting to come to everyone’s mind. But while our focus is usually on the destination, the mode of transportation for the journey is an important question to ask first. Road trips are great ways to create memories, but a bad driving experience can ruin the whole trip. So what are the benefits to using an RV for a road trip?

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Carville’s Auto Mart is Challenging Community to Donate Food This Holiday Season

Where to Donate Food This Christmas 2016 Grand Junction CO

While we’re thinking about our friends and family, it’s also important to be kind to those in the community around us. We wanted to make sure that everyone has food on their table for the holidays by starting a community challenge for the local Food Bank. We will help you find out where you can donate food for Christmas 2016 in Grand Junction, CO.

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