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We are a locally owned, family operated, dealership that has been a part of the community in the Grand Valley happily serving Western Colorado for over 30 years.  We provide Western Colorado with a fun and memorable purchasing experience along with the best quality, service and selection. When you come to Carville's Auto Mart in Grand Junction, you will always get the best service from the friendliest staff in the valley. We want you to feel right at home as you are browsing through our inventory.  Whether you're from Montrose, Ridgeway, Delta, or coming down the Valley from Aspen, Glenwood Springs and Rifle, or right here in Grand Junction, with the largest selection in Western Colorado we know you will find that perfect vehicle, and we will be there helping you every step of the way.

Carville's Auto Mart also provides you with a website that has all the tools and information you need to make an informed decicision whether you are looking to buy a car, truck, SUV,  RV or even a fun new toy.  It's easy to navigate through our inventory and see all the vehicles that we have to offer without ever leaving the comfort of your home.  Use our financing tools to apply for credit, calculate your trade value, see how much that perfect car will be a month and even calculate what your new car will save you in fuel costs, all making buying your next vehicle easier than ever  before. We have helped over 49,000 people find thier perfect vehicle, and with our team, our facilities, our selection and the best website that provides you with all the tools you need, we know we will help many more. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started finding your perfect vehicle.  Find us at 2507 Highway 6 and 50 in Grand Junction,  We look forward to helping you find your perfect vehicle real soon.


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Why do over 49,000 people choose to drive a car from Carville's Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO

There are many reason's that 49,000 people choose to drive a car from Carville's Auto Mart a "Dealership with a Difference."  So what is it that makes Carville's Auto Mart different than all than all the others?   Here are just some of those differences that has made Carville's Auto Mart the #1 Used Car Dealer in Western Colorado.

  • Carville's selection of over 350 cars, trucks, SUV's and now Powersports and RV's is unmatched statewide.  From $5000 to $50,000 Carville's either has what you want or will make an effort to find it.
  • Carville's has the friendliest and most knowledgeable sales staff that can provide you with all the technical information to make an informed buying decision.
  • Carville's has a dedicated staff of professional auto buyers traveling a 5 state region selecting the best vehicles and values.  New vehicles are arriving daily and updated on our website.
  • Carville's has a modern 14,000 sq. ft. service facility employing 5 full time mechanics and 6 full detail personnel.  Customers may view a full 126 point analysis with mechanical inspection report as well as a free car fax before they buy.
  • Unlike most used car dealers who have no on site reconditioning facilities, Carvilles reconditions every vechicle prior to sale to ensure the customer is getting the highest quality.
  • While many Carville's vehicles have remaining factory warranty, all vehicles at Carville's are offered with an optional service contract insuring the vehicle up to 6 years against mechanical breakdown.
  • Carville's offerers many finance options with bank rates as low as 1.99%, first time buyer programs and special finance programs for customers who have suffered bumps and bruises with thier credit history.  WE ARE THE CREDIT SPECIALISTS.
  • Independent Finance Company is the exclusive "in house" financing lender for Carville's.  IFC has helped many thousands of customers purchase a new vehicle unattainable thru conventional means.
  • Carville's is community orientated, in addition to the thousands donated to National Charities and Community Organizations, Carville's is always willing to lend a helping hand providing complimentary after sale repairs for their customers.
  • In addition Carville's helps their customers with technical assitance and savings to customers thru our wholesale discounts with vendors before and after the sale.


We're here for our customers

Most people who are looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle are also looking for the best financing. Unfortunately, most used car dealerships are ill-equipped to handle your financing needs and still provide you with the very best deal. Some may even require you to find your own financing. We do things differently at Carville's Auto Mart. We want to get you the best financing without the run around. With our great relationships with local and major financial banks, we can get you the loan you need to help get into that perfect car. Let our team go to work for you and show you your best financing options. We strive to provide the best financing for everyone. Even if you have had troubles in the past, or just starting out with credit we can provide you with all your special financing opportunities right here in Grand Junction.

Carville's Auto Mart cares about our customers, and if you are having difficulty finding financing, even when you have been turned down by other dealerships, you can count on us. In addition to our huge financing options, we are also have our own bank right here at the dealership. That means you can get that perfect car you want and work directly with our bank on affordable payments that eliminate the middleman. Not only will this help you get the car that you really want, but we can help rebuild your credit which will open more financial oppurtunities for you in the future. There are a lot of ways that your credit can go bad — bankruptcy, divorce, repossessions, student loans, medical bills, foreclosures, job loss — and it may seem like there are very few paths back to good credit. With Carville's Auto Mart financing, we provide you with just such a path. Take control of your financial future and find your perfect car at Carville's Auto Mart



Carville's Auto Mart Growth over 28 years

Starting in the small town of Paonia, Co. back in 1989 as North Fork Motors the Carville Family have built Carville's Auto Mart to be the Largest Independently Owned Auto and RV Dealership in Western Colorado.  The incredible success was built on a reputation of a "Dealership with a Difference" providing the best quality, service and selection while giving the customer a memorable purchasing experience.  Customer Satisfaction is the number one goal and we  would like to thank each and every one of those customers who have helped make Carville's Auto Mart such a huge success.

Carville's Auto Mart in 1989First Auto Mart in Paonia, CO in 1989
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