Mechanic in shop with car lifted in front

Learn how to identify problems with your car’s exhaust!

Video: 5 Symptoms of Exhaust Problems

The muffler and exhaust are very important components of any vehicle. The exhaust is a system of pipes that funnels the toxic fumes from the engine to the rear of the vehicle, where it is released into the air. The muffler handles the hushing of the engine and helps keep it quiet. Are you wondering if there’s an issue with your vehicle’s exhaust system? Watch the video below to learn 5 symptoms of exhaust problems on our Carville’s Auto Mart blog!

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Schedule Wheel Alignment in Grand Junction, CO

Do you think your wheels have been bumped out of alignment? A few ways to tell include the vehicle drifting toward one side when steering straight, rapid and uneven tire tread wear, noisy steering, the vehicle being cocked to one side and/or the tires make a squealing noise. If any or all of these are occurring in your vehicle, feel free to schedule a service appointment with our team here at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO! Continue reading below to learn more about wheel alignment at our family-owned dealership!

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Person dropping key into hand at car dealership

Used Car Dealership in Grand Junction, CO

Are you in the market for a used vehicle in Mesa County, CO? Feel free to begin your search here at Carville’s Auto Mart! Our Grand Junction-based dealership offers a vast selection of quality pre-owned vehicles to the drivers of western Colorado, and has for more than 30 years. We carry vehicles from popular makes like Jeep, Subaru, GMC, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Hyundai, Lexus and Kia.  Continue reading below to learn more about shopping for a used vehicle at Carville’s Auto Mart!

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Happy Independence Day banner with flag

Fun Things to do for the 4th of July Weekend in Mesa County, CO

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Independence Day, but sometimes choosing exactly what you want to do can be challenging. That’s why our team here at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO came up with a few ideas for things to do in Mesa County this Fourth of July weekend! That way, you can make the most of the holiday by spending time with family, friends and loved ones by continuing with traditions and visiting local events. Continue reading below to learn more about what local events are taking place this Independence Day weekend!

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Man resting hand on gear shifter of manual vehicle

5 Useful Tips for Learning to Drive a Manual

Driving a stick-shift vehicle is a lot of fun, especially when you know what you’re doing. Manual transmissions used to be standard in older vehicles, but once the 1970s hit, the auto industry shifted toward automatic transmissions because they are less work for the driver, convenient to use and easier for new drivers to use. Today, a small percentage of new vehicles are equipped with manual transmissions, which makes them highly sought after for those who know how to and enjoy driving stick. Are you interested in learning how to drive a manual? Check out 5 times from our team at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO!

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Mechanic working on engine

Learn how to check the coolant level in your vehicle!

Video: How to Check Coolant Level

Coolant is a very important part of any vehicle. It prevents the engine from overheating and lubricated the moving parts of the engine. If the coolant runs out or wears down, it cannot keep the engine cool, which can result in the engine overheating and damaging the head gasket or other key components. Are you wondering how to check out the coolant level in your vehicle? Watch the video below on our blog here at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO

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