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Burgers in a tray

What are the Top 3 Burger Spots Near Grand Junction?

3 Best Burger Joints in Grand Junction, CO

Imagine yourself enjoying a few burgers on a weekend evening. How do you feel by just visualizing it? Amazing right? Probably your mouth starts watering. Well, it is a real shame to not enjoy this in reality. If you are from around the Grand Junction area in Colorado, then you have numerous amazing burger joints in the area.

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Man playing guitar

Check out the Grand Junction Country Jam Lineup for 2021!

2021 Country Jam Music Festival Lineup – Grand Junction, CO

The Country Jam USA Music Festival has been a staple of the Grand Junction community for quite some time now, so here at Carville’s Auto Mart, we are very excited for the festival is set to take place from June 24 to June 26 of 2021! Tickets for the event go on sale on April 2nd and the lineup is stacked with icons of country music. Are you wondering who is in the lineup for 2021 Country Jam Colorado? Continue reading below to learn more!

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What are some art galleries near Grand Junction, CO?

Three Art Galleries to check out near Grand Junction 

One of the best parts of Colorado is the fact that everywhere you look, you see the natural art of the mountains and bodies of water.  The people who inhabit or visit this amazing state find a lot of inspiration. There are a few places in Grand Junction that houses that inspiration for all to see. Read more to learn about some of the art galleries around the area and plan your next trip to see them. 

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How can I camp out in my SUV?

Three Tips for Camping Out in Your SUV 

Road trips in the spring are always the best because you beat the summer traffic and the weather isn’t scorching hot. If you are looking to save some hotel fare, you may want to consider sleeping in your SUV. It may sound strange, but it has increasingly become a trend. Read more to learn how you can comfortably sleep in your SUV. 

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What are some of the best coffee shops in Grand Junction CO?

Best coffee shops in Grand Junction CO 

The snow is melting, days are getting longer and brighter, which means that you will need to stay awake longer and try to do more things now that you are able to. Coffee is always the answer to feeling more awake. Carville’s Auto Mart understands the struggle sometimes, so we created a list of the top three coffee shops in Grand Junction to check out. Read more to find your next stop for some eye opening inspiration. 

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What are some Easter events happening in Grand Junction, CO?

2019 Easter events in Grand Junction, CO 

 Easter is the spring time holiday everyone gets to look forward to. It falls in the time of year where the sun starts shining longer and flowers are blossoming. Whether you have kids who want to run outside looking for eggs or you’re more into some good food, there’s events all over Grand Junction.  Read more to find out which event is right for you.

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Join us at the Wingate Elementary Sock Hop on March 1!

Carville’s Auto Mart to sponsor Wingate Elementary Sock Hop Event in Grand Junction CO

Growing up, one of our favorite times in grade school was going to the annual Sock Hop, dressing with our coolest socks on and dancing the night away with serious 50s vibes to boot. That’s why we’re so proud to be the title sponsor for the Wingate Elementary Sock Hop, happening on March 1st – it’s sure to be a perfect family event, so keep reading below to see what’s going on and why you and the kids should swing by! Read the rest of this entry >>

Come see the beauty of the West all year long!

Best National Parks near Grand Junction CO 

Coloradans are a unique breed of people, comprised of some of the friendliest and most adventurous that you’ll ever meet. And let’s face it, if your state consisted of the type of natural beauty surrounding you that ours does, you’d be all for going out and exploring as well. So, whether you’re a visitor to the Centennial State or a local of the Western Slope, there’s always an excursion for you to undertake – join Carville’s Auto Mart all year long at the best national parks near Grand Junction CO; most importantly, have fun!  Read the rest of this entry >>