What are some of the best SUVs with three rows?

Best SUVs with Three Rows 

SUVs offer up a range from practicality and functionality to fun and adventure. Here at Carville’s Auto Mart we have a variety to choose from. We went through and picked the top three SUVs with three row seating to ensure you have the all the space you need with the features to make your drive enjoyable. Read more to find your new SUV! 

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Which Trucks are best for driving on the back roads?

Top three trucks to take off road for your next adventure 

Trucks were made to take on the back roads for an adventure through all different terrains, but which ones were optimized for straight back roading? Today we will talk about fuel economies, towing capacity and more. Keep reading to find out which truck may be for you and your next journey into the wilderness.  

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What are some Easter events happening in Grand Junction, CO?

2019 Easter events in Grand Junction, CO 

 Easter is the spring time holiday everyone gets to look forward to. It falls in the time of year where the sun starts shining longer and flowers are blossoming. Whether you have kids who want to run outside looking for eggs or you’re more into some good food, there’s events all over Grand Junction.  Read more to find out which event is right for you.

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Why I should have a 90,000 mile maintenance check?

Why you should have your vehicle’s 90,000 mile service check 

No matter how new or old your vehicle is, you should always keep an eye on your maintenance to ensure the health and longevity of the machine. Although it could be put off a little bit, it is best not to risk potential damages, especially if it could have been easily avoided. Read more to learn why and what the cost could be if you don’t get your 90,000 mile check.

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Most commonly stolen used vehicles in the United States

Because of well-documented advancements in vehicle technology and safety, auto theft numbers have decreased from 1.7 million units in 1991 to just over 765,000 in 2016; that’s a decrease of over one million incidents, but the threat still remains. Today, we want to show you the most commonly stolen used vehicles in the United States so that you can be made aware, and know how to avoid this potentially happening to you. Read the rest of this entry >>

How to get a smoke smell out of your car

Though the rate of smoking has decreased significantly recently in America, it still remains as one of our favorite vices. Head down the road today and you’ll probably see at least a handful of people ripping heaters as they drive, almost without thinking about it. That’s all well and good, but if your current vehicle was previously owned by a smoker, it can be an annoying and lingering odor to deal with. So, today we’ll show you how to get a smoke smell with some quick and easy steps; soon enough, your model will smell fresh and inviting again! Read the rest of this entry >>