Tips for driving after dark in Grand Junction, CO

How To Safely Drive After Dark In Grand Junction, CO?

Tips for driving after dark in Grand Junction, CO  

At night, drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a deadly car collision than during the day. When driving at night, you are less likely to notice approaching objects due to the limited visibility. So, how can you get around Winder safely after dark? As the holiday season approaches, more people will be on the road. Not only will knowing how to drive at night help people prevent car accidents, but it will also make the road relatively safer for everyone else. Read this blog by Carville’s Auto Mart to learn some tips for driving after dark in Grand Junction, CO. Then browse our pre-owned selection here!  

Night Driving Challenges in Grand Junction, CO

The road has an entirely different appearance at night than during the day. The dark lighting makes it more challenging to see, and the glare of oncoming headlights might briefly blind us to the road’s bends and risks. Even if you might be confident in responding to these scenarios, other motorists may not be.  

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Tips For Safely Driving At Night in Grand Junction, CO

Vehicle Tire on a sandy terrain
  1. Aim your lights and turn down the volume on the panel.  
  1. Don’t look at the approaching lights.  
  1. Using a newspaper, wipe the windshield.  
  1. Fog lights and auxiliary lights should be added.  
  1. Get your eyes checked.  

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