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What to Do When You Get Pulled Over?

Things You Should Do When You Get Pulled Over by the Police

Getting pulled over by the police is undoubtedly not an experience you will ever want to remember. The mere thought of seeing those flashes of red/blue lights in your car’s rear-view mirror and the siren can make one feel hyper-anxious and nervous. A lot of us have no idea how to handle these scenarios. A lot of questions will come to your mind. Where do you pull over? How should you converse with the officers? Calm down! Here, in this blog by the Carvilles Auto Mart dealership in Grand Junction, CO, we present you with tips on what to do when you get pulled over.

Got Pulled Over by the Police? Do not worry!

Slow down your vehicle when you hear the siren or see the flashing lights. Do not panic. Then try to find a safe spot where you can pull over your car. Do not do anything that might aggravate the situation, like changing lanes too quickly or slamming on your breaks. Do not annoy the cop by making them drive further.

Once you pull over, turn off your engine and roll down your window. Remain composed and still in the car. Wait patiently for the office to ask for your documents. If it is dark, turn on your overhead light to put the officer at ease. Never get out of the car unless requested by the officer.

Always be polite in your conversation with the officer. Whether you are at fault or want to fight your ticket, cooperate with their lawful requests. When asked, immediately hand over your license, registration, and proof of insurance to them for inspection.

Remember that while most police officers are moral and honest, there might be few exceptions. As a driver, it is essential that you know and understands your rights.

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