A-Class RV in parking lot

Take Your Adventure to the Next Level with a Motorhome from Carville’s Auto Mart

Shop Used Motorhomes and RVs in Mesa County, CO

Are you in the market for a motorhome to use as your Colorado adventure mobile? Whether you want to embark on the cross-country road trip you’ve always dreamed of or you want to stay right here in the gorgeous state of Colorado, we’re here to help aid you in your search. Check out our pre-owned motorhome inventory at Carville’s Auto Mart and check out three reasons to own an RV below!

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2018 Toyota Avalon

Here’s Why Car Buying is Increasing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Benefits of Owning a Car During Era of COVID-19

Back in 2019, we didn’t have to worry about brushing shoulders with a stranger, gathering in large groups for a concert at Red Rocks or going on a plane to enjoy a week-long cruise. The Coronavirus outbreak has changed life as we know it—altering day-to-day activities, calling for mask wearing and socially distant practices. One change seen throughout American society while attempting to navigate life amid the COVID-19 pandemic is an increase in car sales.

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2015 Kia Optima from low angle

Where can I shop for a used sedan in Grand Junction, CO?

Shop Quality Pre-Owned Sedans in Mesa County, CO

While searching for their next vehicle, many shoppers opt with sedans because they offer competitive pricing, impressive fuel economy, seating for five and potent, fun performance. Whether embarking on a morning commute or hitting the road for a cross-country road trip, sedans offer the reliability, handling and fuel efficiency that you’re bound to enjoy. If you are shopping for a used sedan in Mesa County, CO, check out pre-owned sedans at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction.

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A-Class, B-Class and C-Class RV

What’s the difference between A-Class, B-Class and C-Class RVs?

Video Comparison of A-Class vs. B-Class vs. C-Class Motorhomes

It doesn’t take long to come across the terms “A-Class,” “B-Class,” and “C-Class” while searching for a new or pre-owned motorhome. Before you can move along in your search, it is important to know the difference between each of these RV classes so you can determine which best suits your needs. Watch the video below to learn the difference between A-Class, B-Class and C-Class motorhomes.

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