Why is a vehicle’s fuel efficiency better on the highway?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs on Friday, June 8th, 2018 at 7:48 pm
Two Toyota Camry models driving on highway road

When you’re heading off for those long trips, it’s always nice to have an efficient and durable used vehicle in your corner. Not only can a high-quality model provide you with high levels of performance and versatility, but you’ll also find that the further you travel and with more highway miles you rack up, you’ll see your fuel economy become greater as well. But why is that? Why is a vehicle’s fuel efficiency better on the highway? We’ll show you today at Carville’s Auto Mart; you might be surprised! 

Reasons why vehicles achieve greater gas mileage during highway driving 

There are two main components that give highway driving an edge over city driving. For starters, driving on the highway does not necessitate as many stops as you’ll find in town, greatly reducing the amount of idling your vehicle will be doing. Because it takes a lot of fuel to power your vehicle through stop and go traffic, taking it on a highway can help you perform much better between trips to the gas station.  

Orange 2018 Chevrolet Cruze driving on highway road

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In addition, highway driving often means that your model will be driving in higher gears. This helps to greatly reduce strain on your drivetrain, as your engine can quickly become accustomed to using the same amount of fuel to power your drive. This is because driving at a constant speed is much easier than having to burn gas accelerating.  

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Test drive a used vehicle in Grand Junction CO 

Whether you’re in search of a well-performing sedan or SUV model, many of the used vehicles on our lot can handle very well both in the city and on the highway. Contact our Carville’s Auto Mart sales team today for more information, or to schedule a test drive of any used car that catches your attention!