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How To Stay Warm When Your Car Heater is Broken

There are a lot of things that make life in winter pretty rough. It’s cold, there are piles of snow, and driving is a hassle. It seems like the moment that snow starts to fall everyone forgets how to drive. The reasons for headaches seem to pile up the colder it gets. 

It can be especially rough in winter if your car heater doesn’t work. Knowing your car is going to be freezing cold every morning is enough to annoy anyone. It is especially frustrating if you can’t afford the bill to fix it and are forced to just deal with it. We have a few ways to beat the cold that can be a bit more cost-efficient. 

Affordable Ways to Stay Warm in Winter 

Parking in a garage or someplace that is covered will be the easiest way to keep warm. It may only be a few degrees of difference, but that can mean a lot when things get cold. It will also save your car from being piled in snow and your windshield from icing over. If you can’t park somewhere covered, then you should invest in an affordable windshield cover. A broken heater means your defroster won’t work, so you need to prevent the ice from building up or shiver as you scrape windows. 

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Car tire driving in snow

There are also some small items you can have that will help keep you warm. Hand warmers can be a lifesaver on cold mornings. Once activated, slip the packets into your gloves and you’ll have some warmth for your fingers. You can also buy heaters or seat covers that plug into your car to warm up your entire body. 

How To Get Unstuck From the Snow

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Hot coffee or chocolate is also a nice way to wake up and beat the cold. If you would rather trade your car in for one with a working heater, then stop by Carville’s Auto Mart and see what we can offer. Please give us a call if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help.