What Do I Do to Get my Car Out of the Snow?

Winter can be a beautiful time of year. Snowcapped mountains and trees that are heavy with snow create an almost picturesque scene. All that beauty and grace fades away when you have to get into your car and drive through it. 

Driving in snowy and icy conditions is the worst thing about the winter. You get used to it after a while, but it is incredibly annoying. Most of the time you can stay safe by taking your time and not trying to rush everywhere. Being five minutes late to a dinner party is better than being stuck in a ditch. If you do get stuck, then what do you do? 

How to Get Out of the Snow 

The first step in any accident or stressful situation is to not panic. If you are stuck in your driveway or in a rut somewhere, then there are some easy ways to get out. It is going to take some prior planning because there are some things you should have ready in your car. A shovel, traction boards, and some sort of sand or dirt to get traction are all ideal things to have. 

If you find yourself stuck, you might think that just powering through it will work, but it probably won’t. The ideal strategy is rocking your car out of the snow. Moving back and forth to build up momentum will work a lot better than brute force. You will want to clear out a few feet of snow in front of and behind your tires first. Clearing out snow from underneath your car can also help get you free. If there is some ice under your tires, then some sand or traction boards will give you the grip you need to get out. 

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