Wheel Alignment in Grand Junction, CO

Mechanic in shop with car lifted in front

When was the last time you had the wheels aligned on your vehicle? If it has been longer than 6,000 miles, your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment service. This service is very important in extending the lifespan of tires and avoiding uneven tire tread wear. Are you interested in learning about having your wheels aligned at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO? Continue reading below!

How often should my wheels be aligned?

Wheel alignments should take place every 6,000 miles. This service is essential in making sure wheels are aligned and pointed in the same direction. When was the last time you ran over a pothole, bumped into a curb or hit a speed bump too quickly? Occurrences like these offset the alignment of the wheels and cause the steering wheel to favor one direction over another, cause shaky driving and a variety of other symptoms. If you are unsure whether your vehicle is due for an alignment appointment, bring it to our service center at Carville’s Auto Mart and let one of our skilled technicians your vehicle!

Schedule a Service Appointment at Carville’s Auto Mart

Are you interested in having your wheels aligned in Mesa County, Colorado? Schedule a service appointment with our team here at Carville’s Auto Mart Service Center in Grand Junction. Our 14,000-cu. ft. service facility has the tools and equipment necessary to handle a wide variety of repairs and services to most makes and models. Just schedule a service appointment by contacting our team or dialing 844-542-6041. We hope to see you soon!