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Why is it important to have a transmission flush?

Each vehicle’s owner’s manual lists the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. This section goes through service intervals that are recommended to help keep the vehicle’s components operating to the best of their ability for as long as possible. One service listed is the transmission flush, which is a form of preventative maintenance that keeps the transmission cool, lubricated, and free of grime and metal shards. The transmission flush is an incredibly important form of preventative maintenance and without it, the driver may need to pay for expensive repairs or even a complete transmission rebuild. Continue reading below to learn how to tell when it’s time for a transmission flush.

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5 Signs That It is Time for a Transmission Flush

  1. Checking the transmission fluid dipstick reveals that the transmission fluid is a dark brown or grey color instead of bright red.
  2. The transmission slips out of gear.
  3. The transmission makes grinding sounds.
  4. There are issues shifting from gear to gear.
  5. The vehicle surges backward or forwards without warning.

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