Transmission Flush in Grand Junction, CO

Mechanics working under car

A transmission flush is one of many very important forms of preventative maintenance vehicles need. The transmission flush service is not something that happens often, but is important to have done as the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends in the owner’s manual. For most makes and models, this service interval is about 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Is your vehicle due for a transmission flush in Grand Junction, CO? Continue reading below to learn about the service at Carville’s Auto Mart!

What happens if the transmission is not flushed?

The transmission serves a very important purpose in each vehicle. Transmission fluid runs through the mechanism, lubricating and cooling its metal components. After a couple of years or 30,000 miles, the transmission fluid wears down and needs to be flushed. Drivers can tell that their transmission needs to be flushed when they check the transmission dipstick and it is either brown or dark red, the transmission flips out of gear and the shifting is delayed. The transmission flush involves flushing or pumping the component of old fluid, grime and buildup and then refilling the component with new fluid. If the transmission is not flushed, the driver may notice the transmission grinding or making strange noises, delay in movement, trouble shifting gears, slipping gears and other similar occurrences.

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