Why Does My Diesel Engine Have Trouble in Winter?

As much as we want to ignore it, winter is on its way. Everyone knows that winter can cause a lot of problems for our cars. It’s best to prepare as much as we can to make sure we are ready for anything. Preparation is key to making it through winter as safely as possible.

Diesel engines are becoming more and more popular. They are powerful engines that offer a different way to take care of the tough jobs out there. The cold can take an extra toll on diesel engines though. If you own a diesel truck or SUV, then you need to be more careful to make sure your engine doesn’t freeze up.

What to Do With a Diesel Engine in Winter

The cold always seems to sap a little bit of the life from our engines, but everything is a little bit hard if you own a diesel engine. Diesel fuel burns at a higher temperature, so it takes a bit longer to get going. Many newer trucks have heating equipment to make sure everything stays warm, which helps reduce the initial load on your engine during the startup process.

Some trucks might also come with a block heater. This keeps your engine block warm overnight if you plug it in. You can buy and install a block heater if your vehicle doesn’t already come with one. There are also battery and oil warmers to make sure nothing freezes overnight. Making sure the vital parts of your car stay warm overnight is key to keeping everything running in the morning.

Should I Change My Oil Before Winter?

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