What are some alternative uses for a truck bed?

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Three creative uses for your truck bed 

Trucks are multi-functional and allow you to tote around big gear for a weekend of adventures. They are capable of so much more than just towing around heavy items. Trucks also can put the “fun” in functional if you use your imagination. Keep reading to find out what alternative uses you can have with the bed of your truck. 

friends handing out in back of truck on a road trip

Chilling as a Pool 

Nothing is better than having the option to have a pool wherever you drive. All you need to do is buy an oversized tarp and then place it in the bed of the truck. Once you have that secure, add water and voilà, a pool! The only thing to be conscious about is the amount of people who go in. Trucks do have a weight limit, so stay mindful of that and know the limits of your specific model. 

As a Cooler 

Fill up the bed of your truck with as much ice as you would like and pile in the drinks. You will be the go-to spot for tail-gating or any outdoor party. 

For Sleeping 

What better way to elevate your sleep than by snoozing in your truck bed? There are a few options of doing this. Bring an air mattress and a sleeping bag to enjoy the stars in comfort in the open air. If you are looking for more privacy, you can fit a tent in and have the outdoors experience without the bugs crawling over everything. 

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