How can I camp out in my SUV?

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Three Tips for Camping Out in Your SUV 

Road trips in the spring are always the best because you beat the summer traffic and the weather isn’t scorching hot. If you are looking to save some hotel fare, you may want to consider sleeping in your SUV. It may sound strange, but it has increasingly become a trend. Read more to learn how you can comfortably sleep in your SUV. 

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Make sure to keep your SUV ventilated 

Your windows tend to fog up from your breathing throughout the night. One way to keep your SUV ventilated without letting bugs in is by using painter’s tape to hold up mesh over your open windows. We suggest the painter’s tape because it is strong enough to hold the mesh up but won’t ruin your vehicle’s paint. 

Keep your electronics charged 

The worst thing that could happen is an emergency and having no way to call for help.  We suggest having a wireless charger or invest in a portable solar panel for your dashboard. 

Pack a sleeping bag 

All SUVs allow their seats to collapse forward, which allows you to have enough room to lay down. The nights can get pretty chilly so we suggest packing a sleeping bag that is insulated to keep you warm while you sleep. Have your head facing toward the front so you know that it is elevated.  

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Looking for an SUV? 

Come check out and test drive our selection of SUVs at Carville’s Auto Mart. We can assure that we can find the right one for you with enough space to camp out in. Just call us to schedule a test drive or ask any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you! 

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