2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Line with Turbocharged vs. Twin-Turbocharged Engines

What’s the difference between turbocharged and twin-turbocharged?

Turbocharged vs. Twin-Turbocharged Engines

If you’ve heard of turbocharged engines, you’ve probably heard of twin-turbocharged engines. We’ve already gone over what turbocharged engines are, so let’s discuss the difference between turbocharged and twin-turbocharged engines! Learn more below!

What does it mean for an engine to be twin-turbocharged?

Turbochargers are turbine-driven devices that take air from the exhaust and pump it back into the combustion chamber, giving the engine more air intake than it would naturally receive resulting in enhanced performance torque and efficiency. Twin-turbocharged engines are equipped with two turbochargers that work to increase the engine’s air intake even more.

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Twin-Turbo V8 engine in Maserati Levante

Sequential vs. Parallel Turbo Engines

Twin turbocharged engines contain two turbochargers, but the type of twin-turbocharged engine varies depending on configuration. There are two types of twin-turbocharged engines—sequential and parallel.

  • Parallel twin-turbocharged engines feature two turbochargers that operate simultaneously and equally share the responsibilities of turbocharging by splitting cylinders. So, in a V8 engine, each turbocharger accounts for four cylinders. This configuration is beneficial because it reduces turbo lag.
  • Sequential twin-turbocharged engines use two turbochargers of different sizes. The smaller of the two is responsible for lower engine speeds, while the larger handles high speeds. With sequential twin-turbochargers, drivers experience more thrill and boost at lower speeds.

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Are there engines with more than two turbochargers?

Engines are not limited to a maximum of two turbochargers. In fact, some engines are quad turbocharged, meaning that they have three or four turbochargers working to enhance performance. These systems are especially useful on V12 or V16 engines.

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