Top 3 Adventure Spots in Grand Junction, CO

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What are the Best 3 Fun Places to Visit in Grand Junction, CO?

It is great news that the Covid situation around the world is relatively better than what it was at the same time last year. People are following the Covid protocols diligently while moving out of their homes for work, food, fun, and much more. Residents around the Grand Junction area are starting to move out of the homes as well. The improving situation calls for fun and enjoyment, especially for the kids who have been cooped up inside houses for months together.

This is where we at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO, want to help our customers. We have segregated a list of the top 3 fun places to take your family this weekend to have a great time. While surfing our website, do explore our vast vehicle inventory. You can contact us anytime with your questions and decisions. Read ahead to learn more about the top 3 fun spots to visit with family in Grand Junction, CO.

Best 3 Adventure Places in Grand Junction, CO

There are numerous adventure spots in and around the Grand Junction area but not every place gives you the required levels of thrill and joy. We have listed out 3 top places you need to visit if you want to enjoy the feeling of adrenaline pumping into your brain.

The Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area

This area is a collection of dirt roads and vast expanses of hiking areas. This place is very popular for its Wild Horses. The view from hilltops and peaks is breathtaking. Apart from Wild Horses, you can also see awesome animals such as Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, and many more over the course of your hike. If you are a person who loves Mustang horses, you definitely have to visit this place and check them out!

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Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company

Yes, this is a company, but these guys are the best in arranging family adventure tours such as hiking trips, dirt bike clinics, river rafting, and more. The dirt bike rides available here are very popular among the people of Colorado. Bikes are available to people of all ages. The terrains they take you into are awesome and the whole experience is thrilling and exciting. Love motorsports? What are you waiting for? Go visit!

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Tabeguache Trail

This is a beautiful area for hiking and biking. The terrains available here are surreal – rocky trails, dirt trails, steep climbs, descents, junipers, and more. The view from these terrains is awesome and definitely photo-worthy. If you are someone who enjoys the adrenaline rush from hikes and mountain biking, you have to visit this place for sure!

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Boy River Rafting

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