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Schedule Clutch Replacement in Grand Junction, CO

If you own a vehicle that uses manual transmission, there is a chance that your vehicle’s clutch may be nearing the end of its tenure if it has 40,000 miles or more on the odometer.  Are you wondering how to tell when your clutch will need to be replaced? Continue reading below to learn 5 signs that it’s time for a new clutch and go through how to schedule a service appointment at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO!

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Manual transmission on 2020 Toyota Yaris

5 Signs that a Clutch is Worn Down

Drivers can notice when their clutch is wearing down.

  1. The clutch pedal is spongy, loose or vibrating when pressed.
  2. The driver experiences problems shifting gears.
  3. The clutch slips and the vehicle doesn’t move when RPMs increase.
  4. There is a grinding noise that comes from the engine when the clutch is released.
  5. The engine emits a foul smell when the clutch is used.

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Schedule a Service Appointment at Carville’s Auto Mart

If you are interested in learning the state of your vehicle’s clutch, feel free to schedule a service appointment with our team at Carville’s Auto Mart and let our experienced technicians inspect the current condition of the clutch. They will let you know if and/or when the clutch should be replaced and give an estimate for the cost of parts and labor. When it’s time to have the clutch replaced in your manual vehicle, schedule a service appointment with the experts at Carville’s Auto Mart by giving our team a call at 970-241-5370. We look forward to working with you!