Clutch Replacement in Grand Junction, CO

Car lifted at service center

Most people who drive a manual vehicle are cautious about the use of their clutch and for good reason. The clutch is an essential component that allows the driver to cut the power to the wheels and shift gears without killing the engine. Clutch replacement can be an expensive but necessary service. If your vehicle needs to have its clutch replaced in Grand Junction, CO, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment at Carville’s Auto Mart today!

How to Tell When a Clutch Needs Replacing

There are many symptoms that indicate when a vehicle’s clutch should be replaced. When a driver notices the following symptoms occurring on their vehicle, we encourage them to schedule a service appointment at the Carville’s Auto Mart Service Center. Just a few of the signs that let a driver know when a clutch needs service include:

      The clutch slips and no power reaches the wheels as the clutch is engaged.
      The clutch feels soft when pressed in.
      You experience problems shifting gears.
      You hear a strange noise when the clutch is engaged.
      The clutch pedal feels stiff when pressed.
      The clutch is damaged to the point where the car does not move either forward or backward.
      The clutch emits a burnt rubber smell, which means the clutch is overheating.
      Nothing happens when you press the clutch in.
      It is challenging to put the transmission in gear.
      The vehicle is stuck in one gear and/or pops out of gear.

Schedule a Service Appointment in Mesa County, CO

If you notice a few of the symptoms listed above occurring with your vehicle, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment with our team of experienced service technicians at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction. Interested parties can schedule a service appointment by contacting our team or dialing 844-542-6041. Just let us know if you have any questions!