Is rock salt bad for my paint job?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Friday, February 19th, 2021 at 8:51 pm
Snow plow from exterior front

Although winter allows for a wide variety of fun outdoor activities, it can also pose challenges for many drivers between freezing cold temperatures, slippery roads and icy conditions. One method many public works departments use to melt ice and make roads safer is by placing rock salt on them. Are you wondering whether rock salt might damage your vehicle’s exterior paint job? Continue reading below to learn more!

Rock salt on road with snow in winter

Can road salt damage a vehicle’s paint job?

Although rock salt (A.K.A. halite) proves useful in clearing ice and avoiding slick and slippery conditions, it is extremely corrosive and can cause damage a vehicle’s exterior. When built up for an extended period of time, rock salt can cause damage and eat away at a vehicle paint job, underbody and metal.

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Three Ways to Keep Your Vehicle’s Exterior in Tip-Top Shape During Winter

Drivers can avoid damage to their vehicles caused by rock salt by taking a few simple steps.

Mechanic waxing car
  1. Winter also makes it more difficult for drivers to wash their vehicles, but doing so often is very beneficial. Take advantage of warm days, indoor wash stalls and trusted car washes to keep your vehicle clean of salt, slush and dirt.
  2. Wax and detail your vehicle before and after winter months. Detailing professionals clean each part of a vehicle and a nice coat of wax serves as a buffer between the vehicle’s exterior paint and corrosive rock salt.
  3. If possible, park in a garage or off the road. This way, the vehicle is out of the way when the snow plows and ice trucks drive past.  

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