Polish being applied to the hood of a car

How Do I Cover a Chip in my Car’s Paint?

It’s hard to look out at your car and see how it has been damaged over time. Time is one of the biggest dangers to your car. It will slowly chip away at every bit of your car, but the worst thing it can do is chip away at your paint. Some problems can be hidden, but it’s hard to hide chipped paint. 

Other than getting expensive paintwork done on your car, what are you supposed to do? Small scrapes and scratches can be covered up, but old paint is a much trickier problem. We have some ideas for some ways to keep your car looking fresh. 

How to Fix Car Paint Chips 

The first thing you are going to have to do is to make sure you have the right kind of touch up paint. You will need to find the right color number for your car to make sure that everything looks proper. You can find this number on the vehicle identification plate. After you find the right paint, you will also need some denatured alcohol and a polishing compound. 

Car hood being wiped down
Microfiber towel wiping down a car

Before you start the touch-up process you should clean the chips, this will prevent dirt and debris from getting trapped underneath the new paint. Finish the cleaning with a bit of denatured alcohol to thoroughly get rid of any wax or grime that is left. After that put the primer on the chip and let it dry for at least half an hour. Once dry, you can paint in the chip, but don’t forget to apply a second coat about an hour later. Polish the spot after the paint has cured for a few days to help blend the paint in and make it look natural. 

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