Brake pad being worked on

What Work Can I Do on My Car While at Home?

Quarantine is hard for everyone. We are trying to adjust to this new normal and need something to do other than stay inside all day. With the extra time we have, it might be a good time to start on some personal projects. Getting some work done can help the days pass just a little bit faster. 

These projects can also help you feel more accomplished during the quarantine. Your car might be the perfect thing to start working on. Sitting around in the driveway isn’t good for your car, so doing some work with it might help keep it healthy enough to run when everything returns to normal. 

At-Home Car Repairs 

A little bit of time and effort can help you work away some of the isolation boredom and keep your car in order. One of the biggest things you can do for your car is to change some of the fluids. Oil changes and a car radiator flush are two great projects that will really help your car out if it is sitting around in your driveway. 

Mechanic leaning over a car engine
Oil being poured into an engine

It is also a great time to change out some filters and spark plugs. Your filters will clog over time, so if it has been a while since you’ve changed them, then now is perfect. Spark plugs will also need to be occasionally replaced, so get it done while you have the time. You can also use your time to replace any other small things your car needs or just take the time to give it a good deep clean. 

Easy Home Modifications For Your Car

Auto Detailing in Grand Junction, CO 

If you need your car detailed and cleaned, then reach out to Carville’s Auto Mart to see what we can do. Feel free to give us a call with any other questions you might have, we will be happy to help out however we can.