Are Cold Cranking Amps Important in a Battery?

Car problems are some of the most annoying things we can run into. Every little part of a car feels like it costs hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to fix. These problems often come out of nowhere, so that’s another headache on top of the headache you’ll get from looking at the repair bill.

The battery for your car is an easy fix, but it isn’t cheap to replace. There are also a lot of different batteries out there. Picking out a new battery for your car is no small task. It may be summer now, but you want to keep an eye on the future and make sure you get a battery that can power through winter. You might think you need a lot of cold cranking amps to get you over the winter woes, but is that really true?

What Are Cold Cranking Amps and Do I Need Them?

Cold cranking amps are not as confusing as you would think. All this number really measures is what you can expect from your battery in really cold weather. In extreme conditions, you’re going to want a battery that can power through it. So, the obvious solution seems to be getting a battery with a lot of those cold cranking amps.

In the frigid winters of Colorado, more cold cranking amps might help, but you might be overpaying for your winterproof battery. When you are comparing two batteries, you should look at the cranking amps, or CA, rating. That number will give you an idea of how that battery will perform on a typical day while the cold cranking amps number only matters in the winter. Most batteries will be more than able to power your car with its normal cranking amps.

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