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Why is there a knocking sound coming from my vehicle’s suspension?

As time marches on, so does your vehicle, and it can quickly find itself with a suspension system that is prone to wear out faster than usual. If you’ve ever been driving and noticed odd knocking or squeaking sounds coming from the front of your car, this could be a sign of something much more serious on the horizon. Fear not; here at Carville’s Auto Mart, we’ve compiled a list of all the probable causes for your model to start knocking or squeaking, as well as how to get the problem remedied! 

Common reasons for knocking and squealing from your vehicle’s suspension 

Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of several different components that help absorb shocks, brake, and turn. If you hear a knock or other odd sounds coming from below, the culprit is usually one of three parts of your system – your tie bar, ball joints or sway bar. All three of these can wear out with enough use, which could lead to some serious issues including total loss of steering control.  

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You’ll usually be able to tell if these parts are going bad easily; we’ve listed some of the most common issues below:  

  • Check your tire tread; if it’s not wearing out evenly, there might be a problem with your alignment that usually stems from an ineffective suspension system.  
  • If you’re hearing humming or grinding sounds when turning, your tie bar might be starting to wear out as well. This is the part that helps with steering, so having it go bad is something you’ll want to avoid.  
  • For this reason, your steering could also feel looser than normal, since less power is concentrated on turning your wheels with a faulty part.  
  • Knocking or squeaking sounds are usually a result of your sway bar or ball joints wearing thin, both of which help to absorb shocks and keep you moving forward with smoothness.  

In any of these cases, it’s best to see a certified technician for service right away! 

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