What is the global computer chip shortage?

By Product Expert | Posted in Current Events on Friday, April 9th, 2021 at 7:08 pm
Computer chip design

Have you heard about the global chip shortage that is impacting the production of vehicles, video games, cell phones and other technology? Well, if you haven’t, chances are, it is impacting you. There are not enough chips to fuel the current demand, which creates road bumps for auto manufacturers and tech companies, resulting in a shortage of supply for consumers interested in getting some of the latest vehicles and technology. Are you interested in learning more about the global computer chip shortage? Continue reading below to learn from the team here at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Why is there a computer chip shortage?

There are many things that play into the current computer chip shortage. For starters, COVID-19 caused shutdowns at production facilities, which there are very few of, and at the same time, there was higher demand because consumers wanted new electronics while spending more time at home. Today, more vehicles are computerized than ever before, so the computer chip shortage is halting production at plants from manufacturers like Ford and GM.  

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Mechanic with computer in car

What do computer chips do in cars?

You might be asking yourself why computer chips are so important to have in vehicles, but they actually serve a vital role in each vehicle and have since manufacturers started putting them in vehicles in the late 70s and early 80s. At first, computers in vehicles were used to help control the engine, but eventually, they started gathering data from different sensors, helped enhance safety and control, and today they allow for autonomous driving. As the auto industry has matured, it has become more reliant on computer chips.

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Computer chip in car

How does the global computer chip shortage affect me?

The global computer chip shortage impacts many consumers across the board. Computer chips are not only used in computers, vehicles and cell phones, but they are also key components of video games. So shoppers who are on the hunt for a PS5 or Nintendo Switch may also be experiencing surged prices and lack of availability.

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