What is the Difference Between an SUV And a Crossover?

SUV vs. Crossover: What’s the difference?

If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s bigger than a sedan or a hatchback, chances are you might be looking for an SUV or a crossover. Both these vehicles offer more space than other vehicles, and while they may have similar body styles, there are still some differences that set them apart. Does an SUV suit your lifestyle better or a crossover? This blog from Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO, tries to answer that question. So, keep reading.  

What is an SUV?  

First things first, an SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, and these are usually larger than crossovers. They are built on the body-on-frame platform, which is the same platform used for building pickup trucks. Hence, they are heavier and more durable than crossovers. SUVs are usually built with one priority over everything else, which is off-roadability. They are more powerful, rugged, and come with features like standard all-wheel-drive (AWD) or 4×4 capabilities, multi-link rear suspension, and lockable differentials.

SUVs are usually offered in two-row seating, aka midsize SUVs, or three-row seating, aka full-size SUVs, with anywhere from five seats to up to eight seats, depending on the configuration.   

What is a Crossover?  

Crossover, also known as crossover SUV or compact SUV, or CUV, is based on the same platform as a hatchback or a sedan called a unibody platform but has the styling of an SUV, hence its name.

Crossovers have increased ride height and ground clearance than hatchbacks, and because they are based on a smaller vehicle, it is usually smaller in size than an SUV, although there are exceptions where some crossovers tend to be as big as a midsize SUV.

Although CUVs offer more passenger space and cargo space than hatchbacks and sedans and may or may not have all-wheel drive capabilities as they are not actually for extreme off-roading but rather for mixed driving.  Since crossovers are smaller and more lightweight than SUVs and have less powerful lower displacement engines, they offer better fuel economy than SUVs.  

SUV or Crossover, What’s Right for You?  

If you’re confused between an SUV and a crossover, the best way to help you decide is to know how you intend to drive and your requirements for your next vehicle. If you want a vehicle with lots of space, impressive towing capacity, and off-road capability, an SUV might be the right choice. However, if you’re looking for something more compact and fuel-efficient, with a decent amount of power, some towing prowess, and one that can handle the occasional off-road trip, then a crossover should do you no harm.  

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