What Are The Best Games For a Road Trip?

A road trip can be the perfect summer vacation. You get to spend a lot of time on the road with family and make some great memories. It’s also a great way to visit and see a lot of different places. Whether you have one destination or many, there is a lot to be seen in this world.

The only downside of a road trip is that you are stuck in the car for a while. Those hours can drag by sometimes, especially when you hit the long and straight stretches of highway. It can be an ideal time to get the kids off their electronic devices and participate in some family time. There are plenty of fun road games to keep the time flying.

Great Games for a Road Trip

There are a lot of classic road trip games out there. ‘I Spy’ might be one of the oldest games we can think of. The alphabet game is a variation on that where passengers take turns looking at road signs looking for specific letters. So, the first player would look for an A, then the next player would look for a B and so on. You could also play the license plate game where people try to make sentences off of the letters on passing license plates.

If you are less interested in games, then there are plenty of more conversation-based ideas out there. You can find a list of good questions to ask which could spark some pretty fun conversations. ‘Never Have I Ever’ is a great way to find out some things about your friends you might not have known.

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