Finger touching smartphone GPS system mounted in used vehicle

What are the benefits of having an infotainment system in your used vehicle?

Used vehicles routinely make up a large part of automotive sales year after year, due in large part to the discounted prices you can expect, but also because as innovation continues to advance, you can still expect to get some high-tech amenities in your car no matter which model year is on its badge. If you need to keep connected on the drive like us, you might be wondering: “What are the benefits of having an infotainment system in your used vehicle?” There are plenty of ways you can put a quality infotainment system to use, and we’ll show you some of our favorites today!

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Using a phone to stream music in vehicle

Media Streaming 

When you’re heading out for longer trips, there’s nothing more serene than being joined by your favorite artists, with their best jams coming through in clarity. Most infotainment systems today also offer Bluetooth® connectivity, which you can use to play all your favorite tunes!

Isolated view of vehicle navigation system with maps updated

Connected and Integrated Navigation 

Of course, heading through an area that isn’t familiar to you often necessitates constant checks of your phone (or map) to see where you’re going. An infotainment system can take the hassle out of this, as its navigation systems can update in real-time to help you avoid traffic and get to your friend’s place faster!

Man wearing plaid shirt also talking on the phone in used vehicle

Hands-Free Calling and Texting 

The hallmark of many infotainment technologies is their ability to help you communicate with your friends and important contacts. When you pair your smartphone to one of these systems, your contact information will be synced to your vehicle, allowing you to hit up your people with just the sound of your voice! 

Smartphone connecting to app integration technology in vehicle

App Integration 

Apple and Android have many specific apps that are tailored to work with infotainment operating systems, as their respective CarPlay and Android Auto platforms prove. With this, you can check out the weather reports, local radio stations, movie schedules and more by touching the relevant app you need on your model’s touchscreen! 

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Test drive a used vehicle with infotainment in Grand Junction CO 

If you want to enter the new era of car savviness, don’t hesitate to call our sales team. We’ve got a huge helping of used models that all offer top-of-the-line connectivity, and you can get behind the wheel today!