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How Does the Four-Wheel-Drive System Work in Ford F-150®?

Video: Four-Wheel-Drive System in Ford F-150®  

Do you own a Ford F-150®, or are you planning to buy it soon? If yes, do you know how the four-wheel-drive (4×4) system works in the vehicle? In that case, there is no need to worry; the Carvilles Auto Mart team in Grand Junction, CO, has a video for you that explains how your 4×4 system works when you use each drive mode. This video also outlines how to shift between models and the electronic-locking differential. However, before you watch the video, we recommend you always consult the owner’s manual before off-road driving, know about the terrain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear. The availability of driving mode might vary with the trims.   

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