Should I Slam on the Brakes on the Snow?

The dangers of winter are pretty well known at this point. We know how road conditions can quickly worsen and what that can do to our cars. Most people have been through a winter or two in these rough conditions, but it never hurts to think about safe driving tips.

Ice, snow, and other hazards are very common in the winter. Generally, the snowplows and salt truck manage the snow as much as they can. We try to stay as safe as possible and play it as carefully as we can. There are still plenty of dangers out there that we should be aware of.

Slamming on versus Pumping the Brakes

The biggest hazard will always be ice. When the snow falls and people start driving over it, ice can form fairly quickly. Ice is known to lower traction on the road, which can lead to a lot of accidents. There is some debate on whether or not you should slam on the brakes. Some drivers think you should pump the brakes rather than slamming them. Is either option better than the other? Well, it can depend on a few different things.

In most cases, taking things slowly will work out better. You want to be as gentle as possible, rather than trying to abruptly stop. The best practice is to try and anticipate a stop as soon as possible to allow yourself to ease into it. If your car does start to skid, then you should pump your brakes if your car doesn’t have anti-lock brakes. ABS does the same thing as pumping the brakes, just more efficiently than you can replicate.

How to Tow a Trailer in Winter

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