Is a Diesel or Gas Engine Better For a Truck?

Is there anything more important than the engine of your truck? The engine is what provides the power for your vehicle. An engine is also important because your car or truck isn’t going anywhere without one.

The importance of an engine means you should be careful when you’re picking one out. Some cars and trucks have different options, but what you should be thinking about is if you’re going to buy a gas or diesel engine. Each option has its own benefits, but which one is a better fit for you?

Should I Buy a Diesel- or Gas-Powered Truck?

Fuel economy is at the top of most people’s minds when they are shopping for a new car or truck. An efficient vehicle should save you money with fewer trips to the gas station, but the price of fuel might mitigate those savings. Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than their gas-powered counterparts, but diesel fuel costs more. A diesel engine can also generate a bit more power and torque than other engines.

Gas engines also cost a bit more in terms of repairs, but you have to be more careful with a diesel engine. Diesel engines have fewer parts to repair and replace, but if something goes wrong it can lead to a huge repair bill. Newer diesel engines also run a lot more smoothly and quietly, but a gas engine is always going to be smoother. Gas engines have fewer emissions than diesel engines.

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Diesel Trucks in Grand Junction, CO

There are a lot of great benefits to buying a diesel truck, and Carville’s Auto Mart has a wide-ranging inventory of diesel trucks. Stop by the dealership or call ahead if you have any questions and we’ll set you up in your new truck.