What do you need to obtain a motorcycle license in Colorado? 

How to get a motorcycle endorsement in Colorado 

Is there anything better than stepping up to your motorcycle, firing it up and heading for the open road? In our eyes, it’s one of the most exhilarating things you can do, but there are still some precautionary measures that you’ll want to take if you’re looking to enter the motorcycle market. The first step is to get legally approved to operate one, so today we invite you to join our Carville’s Auto Mart sales team as we show you how to get a motorcycle endorsement in Colorado!  

Steps to receive a Class “M” Motorcycle endorsement for your Colorado driver’s license 

Unlike many other states, Colorado does not issue separate licenses for motorcycle owners and riders – instead, you’ll need to apply for an endorsement that is added to your existing driver’s license. To be eligible, you should be at least 16 years old – if you’re under 18, also be advised that you must have held a motorcycle instruction permit for 12 months prior to your application.  

We also recommend that you take a look at Colorado’s Motorcycle Operator Handbook and sign up for a couple practice tests – you can never be too prepared! Once that’s taken care of, check below to learn how to obtain your Class “M” – standing for “Motorcycle” – endorsement at your local DMV:  

  1. Take and pass the written exam and vision tests for eligibility; you’ll also need to show proof of identity if you don’t already have a license in the state.  
  2. Take and pass a motorcycle driving test – you can take care of this either on-site at the DMV, or beforehand with a third-party tester. If you opt for the latter option, be sure to take your receipt to the DMV when you take your written exam.  

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Test drive a used motorcycle at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction CO 

If you’re all set up with your Class M endorsement and are looking for a high-quality two-wheeler, check out our Carville’s Auto Mart inventory today – we’re happy to get you set up with a test drive and a financing plan!