Can you stream music to your vehicle’s sound system without AUX port or Bluetooth?

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How to Add Bluetooth to a Vehicle that Does Not Have It

Whether embarking on your morning commute or loading up the vehicle for a cross-country trip, few things spice up car rides as much as streaming audio to the car’s sound system. Newer vehicles often support audio streaming through AUX and USB ports, Bluetooth integration or Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. If your vehicle is a little bit older and does not offer these systems for audio streaming, don’t give up hope because there are a few ways you can integrate Bluetooth connectivity to your vehicle. To learn how to add Bluetooth to a vehicle that does not have it, continue reading below!

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3 Ways to Add Bluetooth to a Vehicle

There are many different ways to add Bluetooth integration to a car that is not already equipped with it. Some methods are more expensive and labor intensive than others. Let’s dive into three ways to add Bluetooth to a vehicle below.

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  1. Buy a Bluetooth Car Kit – One of the easiest ways to add Bluetooth integration to a vehicle is by purchasing a Bluetooth car kit and simply plugging it into a car’s cigarette lighter. Many Bluetooth car kits connect to a smart phone via Bluetooth and transmit audio to the sound system via a radio station.
  2. Invest in a Bluetooth cassette adapter – While the hay day of cassette tapes seems to be behind us, many older vehicles have cassette decks. If you prefer streaming audio from your smartphone over playing music from mix tapes, you can buy a Bluetooth cassette adapter that provides smartphone integration through the cassette deck. Bluetooth cassette adapters are rechargeable to and offer streaming options for people with more outdated sound systems.
  3. Install a Head Unit with Bluetooth – This method is the most expensive and takes the most work to install. After buying an aftermarket head unit with Bluetooth integration, you have to open the vehicle’s dashboard, remove the standard stereo system and install the new head unit.   

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