How are a sunroof and a moonroof different?

Especially in areas with as picturesque scenery as Colorado’s Western Slope, many consumers will opt for another view of the landscape than just a windshield and door windows. Here at Carville’s Auto Mart, we have plenty of top-tier vehicles that offer either a sunroof or moonroof, but there are many consumers that don’t know which one is right for them. We’ve often heard the question, “How are a sunroof and a moonroof different?” And today we’ll show you what each of these portals to the outside world can bring to the table! 

The difference between a sunroof and a moonroof 

Like most specific parts of a vehicle, today we often use the terms “sunroof” and “moonroof” interchangeably. This is for good reason, as a moonroof is actually a type of sunroof!  

Back in the 1970s decade, a sunroof was designated as a part of the paneling of a vehicle’s roof that could be taken off to allow light to enter the car from above. A few years passed, and the moonroof was introduced, which was a panel of tinted glass built into the ceiling of a vehicle. This is where the term comes from, and nowadays, sunroof and moonroof mean basically the same thing! What’s commonly referred to as a “sunroof” or “moonroof” is simply a generic term for a panel of glass used to help light shine through.

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Test drive a used vehicle with a panoramic sunroof in Grand Junction CO 

We currently offer many used models with panoramic sunroofs and moonroofs, which have a second pane of glass above the second row of seating. This allows you to get an even better view of the open, beautiful world that surrounds us! If you’d like to see this kind of innovation first hand, feel free to contact our sales team here at Carville’s Auto Mart. We’ll get you inside the sedan, hatchback or crossover that works best for your needs; stop in and see us today!