What do the colors on road signs signify?

Highway road sign colors and their meanings

Happy 2019, everybody! With the new year comes new opportunities to go and explore our area, as Colorado certainly has no shortage of fun and excitement to go around. On your next road trip, you might see some different sign colors scattered about the highway, and if you’re anything like us, we’ll bet that you’ve wondered what they all denote. So, we’ll show you today – let Carville’s Auto Mart be your co-pilot as we show you the most common highway road sign colors and their meanings!

Green – Road Guide Signs

Especially when driving on the interstate, you’ll notice green signs whenever you’re coming up to an exit or need to know which destinations are coming up. They’ll usually show you the distance from any place that you’re headed for and are a welcome sight when you’ve finally reached where you want to be.

Blue – Roadside Services

As soon as you’re on the exit ramp, blue signs will pop up that show you where the nearest gas, lodging and food options are, as well as which direction you’ll want to turn to get to these places. They’re also used to show you radio stations used for traffic updates, as well as where rest areas are located.

Brown – Parks and Recreation

State and federal parks are a great place to relax and unwind for a bit, especially if you’ve been spending the majority of the day behind the wheel of a vehicle. You’ll know exactly where these places are with brown signs, so don’t hesitate to head for those great times that await.

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Yellow – Warning

If you come up to a yellow sign, it means that you’ll want to exercise caution for the next bit of road; these signs are meant to warn you of sharp curves, potential falling rocks, and other hazards that you should be aware of.

Orange – Construction

We’re no strangers to construction here in Western Colorado, and that’s what orange signs will tell you about. Construction sites can often mean reduced use of the road and slower required speeds, so it’s best to take it slow and help everyone get their jobs done safely.

Black and White – Regulatory

Finally, black and white signs are regulatory, and they help you stay on track with the rules of the road that you’re on. These signs usually show speed limits, stretches of road where only authorized personnel are allowed to be, and all others.

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