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Do I Need To Winterize My Motorcycle?

For motorcycle riders, winter can be one of the worst times of the year. In places where the snow gets particularly thick, it becomes harder and harder to get out on the roads on your motorcycle. It’s not fun to give up your motorcycle for the season, but it’s not the safest to drive in winter.

Storing your motorcycle is the best idea if you want to keep it safe and protected, but there’s more to it than just shoving your bike into a garage and assuming it is good. You should always go through the process of getting your motorcycle winterized. We’ll show you a few tips we’ve picked up.

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

The first thing you should do is decided whether or not you’re going to try and squeeze some rides in over the winter. You can still run your bike in the winter, but it is still a good idea to go through the steps. First, replace all of your fluids and keep an eye on them. In the winter, coolant can become acidic in especially cold weather. You should also treat your fuel every time you return from a ride. When you fill your tank back up, pour some treatment in and let the engine run for a minute to make sure it reaches your entire engine.

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If you are leaving your bike in storage for winter, then you should spend a bit more to fog the oil to help keep parts lubricated. Also make sure to give your bike a good wash and wax to get rid of any dirt, dust, and salt to keep it looking fresh. Put your bike on a rack or put something underneath the tires to prevent moisture from the floor from affecting your tires.

How To Protect Your Engine From Winter

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