Where in Colorado do I need to get an emissions test done on my vehicle?

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Mechanic checking vehicle tailpipe during emission test

Colorado counties that require emissions testing on new and used models 

With a longstanding industry emphasis on combating climate change and making the air around us cleaner and safer, it’s not uncommon to see many American jurisdictions require smog tests on sedans, SUVs, and trucks. This isn’t exempt here in Colorado, so today our Carville’s Auto Mart team will show you all the Colorado counties that require emissions testing on new and used models.  

Emissions testing requirements in Colorado 

Before we tell you where in Colorado you’ll need to undergo an emissions test, we should fill you in on what they check for. There are two components to an emissions test – the first checks your gas cap’s pressure to ensure that it’s effective at stopping harmful chemicals from evaporating and leaving your tank into the atmosphere. Your model also contains emissions monitoring components located underneath its body, which inspectors will take a look at to see if they’re all intact and functioning properly. 

If you’re wondering if you need to get an emissions test for your model, we’ve listed all the counties that require one below:  

  • Boulder County 
  • Broomfield County 
  • Denver 
  • Douglas County 
  • Jefferson County 
  • Adams County* 
  • Arapahoe County* 
  • Larimer County* 
  • Weld County* 
  • El Paso County** 

*Only required in certain parts of the county

**Only requires diesel inspections 

Rear tailpipe of vehicle being tested for emissions

How much does an emissions/smog test cost in Colorado?  

Of course, it isn’t free to get your vehicle checked once its testing is due every two years. To help you out, we’ve listed pricing charts below so you can see how much you should expect to pay.

Vehicle Type Price
Gasoline Vehicles from 1982 model year or newer $25
Gasoline Vehicles from 1981 model year or older $15
Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks $25
Diesel Vehicles Determined by case at inspection station

Also, be aware that you’ll also need to provide $20 for VIN verification.  

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Test drive a used vehicle at Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction CO 

If you have any further questions about emissions testing requirements here in Colorado, we’ve included a link to the official DMV page for the state. If you’re looking for a clean, efficient used vehicle today, be sure to contact Carville’s Auto Mart at your earliest convenience to view our inventory and schedule a test drive. Thank you for doing your part to keep our state beautiful and breathable!

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