What type of used car insurance should you buy?

Car insurance plans offered at Carville’s Auto Mart 

When you’re in the market for a used vehicle, it’s essential that you’re getting one that will last you with power and versatility for the length of your ownership. However, equally important but much less considered is the warranty coverages that you sign up for in the case of any damage to your model. That’s where we come in; join us today as we take you through the different car insurance plans offered at Carville’s Auto Mart so you can find which one is best for your needs and situations! 

We offer three main coverage plans here at Carville’s, all of which will keep your Powertrain protected through anything that could arise out on the pavement. Our Powertrain protection keeps the following components of your vehicle covered:  

  • Engine 
  • Transmission 
  • Transfer case (if applicable) 
  • Drive axles 
  • Seals and gaskets 

We’ve listed the three warranties we offer below; check them out!  

Value Mechanical Protection 

In addition to your basic Powertrain protection, Value Mechanical Protection also covers your fuel system, air conditioning, electrical systems, power steering and heating/cooling system. In addition, we’ll also provide 24-hour roadside assistance to you at no cost! 

IFC Coverage 

Here at Carville’s we also partner with Independent Finance Company, a leading buy here pay here lender. Though you won’t be treated to the 24-hour roadside assistance from VMP, you’ll be receiving all the top benefits for a much more affordable price! 

Premiere Mechanical Protection 

Our Premiere warranty package includes everything you’ll find from our Powertrain and Value plans, but you’ll also be covered through any mechanical failure that arises to your model! Better yet, we can cover rental and travel expenses if your car needs repair! 

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If you’d like more information on all the insurance plans that we offer here at Carville’s, or if you’d like to schedule a test drive of any of the models in our current inventory, feel free to contact our sales team! We can get you behind the wheel and are always available to help you with anything you’d like to know.