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Why is Brake Servicing Important for Your Vehicle?

Brake Service in Grand Junction, CO  

As a driver, the ability to pull off brakes at the right time is a lifesaver. But what if, despite your knack for it, the brakes give out? No matter how skillful or cautious you are, a regular checkup for brake servicing is crucial. If engine maintenance keeps your vehicle moving, then brake maintenance prevents accidents. Learn all about the brake service in Grand Junction, CO, provided at Carville’s Auto Mart. Once you are done reading this article, browse our website to schedule a service with us. 

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What Causes Bad Brakes?  

When properly maintained, a set of quality brakes can last up to 70,000 miles. However, climate, driving conditions, heavy usage can lead up to the deterioration of the brakes. During routine maintenance, small issues with the brakes can be resolved with a low-cost brake repair service. Depending on the condition of your brakes, you can seek the necessary service advice from an expert. Drivers can also ensure that their brake pads are thicker than 6.4 millimeters for safety.  

Closeup male tehnician mechanic greasy hands in gloves install new car oem brake steel rotor disk during service at automotive workshop auto center
Mechanic repairing brakes on the car. Mask. Selective focus disc brake on car.Vehicle repair concept

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How to Know You Have Bad Brakes?  

Primary symptoms that indicate you have bad brakes are when the brakes squeak or screech when applied, giving out grinding noise, brake fluid leaks, brake pedals feeling soft, and taking more time to execute brake than it did previously. Or it could be when the vehicle vibrates upon brake application. In short, you need to pay attention to how responsive your brakes are regularly.   

Brake Servicing in Grand Junction, CO  

At Carville’s Auto Mart, we offer quality brake service with the help of our expert team, who know how to get their job done right. Our experts will check every corner of your vehicle and provide you with the answer on the specific nature of the issue. We take care of issues such as tire rotation, oil changes, general maintenance, and regular routine services at our dealership. Contact our team via 844-542-6041 today to schedule a service appointment with us.