Does my vehicle need a front license plate when registered in Colorado?

Buying a quality vehicle can often be an engaging and worthwhile experience, especially when you’re looking at the prospects of a long-lasting, durable and fun model residing in your driveway. The extracurriculars, however, can be a hassle, most notably getting your insurance taken care of and your new car’s title taken care of at your local DMV. We want to help you out, so if you’ve ever wondered “Does my vehicle need a front license plate when registered in Colorado?” our Carville’s Auto Mart team will show you today!

Colorado Vehicle License Plate Requirements

We won’t beat around the bush this time around – Colorado is a two-plate state, meaning that you’ll always need to have a license plate affixed to the front and rear of your vehicle, if registered with the Colorado DMV. You’ll also want to be sure that your registration stickers are only on your rear plate, however.

Of course, there are exceptions to this. Motorcycles are excluded from the two-plate requirement, as are trailers (both of which are available here at our dealership lot!); these two types of models only need one plate in the rear.

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Why do some states require two license plates while others only require one?

License plate regulations are interesting in that they are not concrete across the board; in fact, 19 of the 50 states only require that you have one plate attached to your vehicle. However, there’s a good reason that two plates are the norm in the majority of these united states – to help law enforcement. It’s generally accepted fact that catching people who have committed traffic violations is a much easier proposition when you have a form of identification on either side of your vehicle.

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