Carville's Auto Mart Sedans


With 4 doors and a truck for storage the sedan is the most popular body style in the country.  With so many sedans offered there is a wide variety of choices anywhere from economic, to an affordable sub compact, all the way to luxury.  At Carville's Auto Mart we have a sedan for everyone.

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Carville's Auto Mart Coupes


Coupes are generally seen as a streamlined 2 door car much sportier than the sedan. They can be just as conventional as the sedan but they take on much more style and fun.  Some are built for pure performance but whatever your purpose, Carville's Auto Mart has the right coupe for you.

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Carville's Auto Mart Vans


The mini van remains the heart of the American Family.  It offers many entertainment options as well as luxuries and advanced capabilies that other vehicles can't compare.  Whether your looking for a family van or need cargo room for your business or travels Carville's Auto Mart has the right selection of vans for you.

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Carville's Auto Mart Trucks


When cargo room and tow capacity are what you are looking for look now further than todays trucks.  Today trucks offer more than just brawn strength having more passenger room and driver technologies than ever before.  Whether your looking for that custom truck or old reliable Carville's Auto Mart has the perfect truck for you.

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Carville's Auto Mart Convertibles


While some convertibles are made for just cruising the open road with the freedom of an open top, others offer true adrenaline rushing performance.  Which ever your style, Carville's Auto Mart has the perfect convertible to fulfill your driving dreams.

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Carville's Auto Mart SUVs


When you have a large group of people, lots of cargo or a trailer loaded for fun, look no further than an SUV to get the job done.  For those family adventures to the grocery getter Carville's Auto Mart has the perfect SUV to make them all your travels the most fun.

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Carville's Auto Mart Station Wagons

Station Wagons

With the capabilaties of agility, fuel economy, while still having the cargo versatility of an SUV, the station wagon is the complete package of an automobile for today.  Find that perfect stylish and yet practical station wagon at Carville's Auto Mart today.

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Carville's Auto Mart Hatchbacks


With its flexibility and accessibility, the hatchback is an affordable, nimble automobile.  Hatchbacks combine spaciousness yet being compact with the ease of accesability.  At Carville's Auto Mart you can find that perfect Hatchback with the flexibility and economy you need.

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Carville's Auto Mart WolfPack

Forest River Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack by Cherokee is engineered with impeccable quality, distinctive features, superior comfort and remarkable affordability.  Wolf Pack offers a chance to escape the ordinary and relax, to enjoy family and friends and see nature in all its beauty and wonder. Those special moments is why the Cherokee Wolf Pack take such pride in what they do.

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Carville's Auto Mart Apex

Coachmen Apex

An Apex Travel Trailer does not just start off as a frame, walls and roofs.  It begins with an idea!  Apex's belief is that getting the little things right is a BIG THING!! The Apex is not like other lightweight trailers...  It is much smarter because it sets new, highter standards for this innovative truly lightwieght trailer.  What makes an Apex smarter? QUALITY, LIGHTWEIGHT, INNOVATIVE, ECO FRIENDLY, DESIGN.  Each and every Apex model must achieve high scores in each of these standards in order to earn the Apex seal of approval.  The rating System is gathered and driven by the end user, and thats you making the Apex the best quality and most customer friendly lightweight trailer on the market.

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Carville's Auto Mart Elite

Coachmen Prism Elite

Immerse yourself into any adventure with the brand new Prism Elite series.  Coachmen prides itself in providing a RV that offers the most standard features in the industry creating the perfect combination of versatility and practicality.  You can now travel without limitations, while still enjoying the luxuries you demand.

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Coachmen Orion

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Coachmen Prism

Try this on for size: This class C beauty of a motorhome is shorter than the larger class A motorhomes, which gives it better handling, and it is still spacious with the amenities, exterior entertainment options and kitchen space that you need for a long trip with the family or friends.

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Carville's Auto Mart Crusader

Prime Time Crusader 

Within us all, there is a calling to achieve ever greater things, a search for a higher standard. When Primetime created the Crusader the engineers and design team threw caution to the wind and engaged in some serious "outside the box" thinking.  they challenged to think beyond the status qou and reached for product innovations not currently offered. Primtime said, "Make the Crusader a new icon for the 21st century."  Needless to say, they took the challenge to heart.

The result of their efforts represents a new standard in fifth wheels.  "A HIGHER STANDARD" The Crusader

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Carville's Auto Mart Avenger

Prime Time Avenger

To guarantee that Avenger provides pure customer satisfaction, the engineers at Prime Time carefully examine every component, every small detail, and every process that goes into creating Avenger Trailers.  To them it is important to offer, industry leading beauty, and that is why real golden American Cherry hardwood cabinet doors are paired with premium fabrics, flooring and counter tops for a luxurious appearance.   These features and design elements are considered to be "Best in Class" and are rarely found in the competition which fully maximizes customer enjoyment.  Demanding testing standards and innovative constuction techniques like 'EVERLAST' were devoloped to ensure long term quality and durability.

If "Your Journey Begins Here," Avenger is sure to please.

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Carville's Auto Mart 5th Wheels

5th Wheels

Fifth Wheel campers are the most luxurious and spacious campers on the market.  They have facilities that will make you feel as if your at a 5 star hotel. Come find your perfect Fifth Wheel Camper at Carville's Auto Mart and as you travel around the world we will always make you feel at home.

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Carville's Auto Mart Toy Haulers

Toy Hauler

With the innovation of the "Toy Hauler" we can now bring all of our 'toy's' to the mountains, dunes or country side. With half living area, half garage and a folding ramp giving access for motorcycles, ATV's, UTV's, watercraft or whatever you may want to bring Carville's Auto Mart has a camp trailer alternative that has the versatility to ensure you you don't leave all the fun at home.

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Carville's Auto Mart Bumper Pulls

Bumper Pulls

Travel Trailer, Camp Trailer, Ultra Light, Pull Behind or Bumper Pull whatever you may call it, this is the most common camper with the largest selection of sizes and floorplans to fit any family.  With the Bumper Pull camper anyone has the ability to take their own home on a journey or a vacation without relying on a motel or hotel, also giving the ability to stay in places where no amenities are available. So for you next getaway find the perfect bumper pull camper from Carville's Auto Mart's huge selection where we are sure to have the right model for you. 

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Carville's Auto Mart Motorhomes


When you don't have a vehicle to pull a Camper or 5th Wheel than a Motorhome is a great option for you.  A Motorhome or Motor Coach is a self propelled RV offering accommodations with a vehicle engine. There are 3 types of Motorhomes including Class A, Class B and Class C and Super C. They may have similiar features but what really the differences is what really makes each class stand out. Come check out all the models at Carville's Auto Mart and hit the open road this summer.

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