Used Ram 3500 Grand Junction CO

2018 Ram 3500 hauling a trailer

There’s something to be said about owning a truck. It’s a special type of vehicle that makes a statement when you buy it. When you pull up in a truck, people know that you’re not messing around. Trucks are made to do some serious work, but not every truck is built quite the same.

Trucks are some of the toughest and most durable vehicles on the market. You don’t buy a truck to commute to work, you buy a truck to do the work. There are a lot of demands on a truck, so you always want to be careful which one you buy. Some trucks simply don’t have enough strength to take care of what you need to. If you’re looking for something with enough strength that you never have to worry if it can do a job, then you want to look at a Ram 3500.

Used Ram 3500 Trucks

There aren’t many other trucks like the Ram 3500. It has the unique advantages of pure strength, flexibility, and accessibility that other trucks just can’t match. There are a lot of different trim levels and configurations. You can easily find the Ram 3500 that fits your needs. At the low end, a Ram 3500 truck can tow up to 28,890lbs. With the right equipment and engine, a Ram 3500 truck can tow up to 30,560lbs. It has a lot of smart and intelligent features that make life easier on any driver.

Test Drive a Ram 3500 Truck in Grand Junction, CO

We have a lot of great Ram 3500 trucks available at Carville’s Auto Mart. Stop on by our dealership to give them a test drive and find out which one matches your exact needs. If you have any questions, then feel free to give us a call and we will help out however we can.