Used 4x4 Vehicles in Grand Junction, CO

2018 Toyota Tacoma on trail

When drivers need added control and traction while taking on snow, rock, ice and other challenging conditions, they turn to 4x4 vehicles to get the job done. Vehicles that are equipped with 4x4 drive configurations are ideal for braving wintry conditions and off-road terrain because they distribute torque to all four wheels instead of just the front or rear wheels. Are you interested in getting a used 4x4 vehicle in Grand Junction, CO? Continue reading below to learn about 4x4 models at Carville’s Auto Mart.

Benefits of Using 4x4 Configurations

Shoppers get plenty of value and enhanced capabilities when they invest in a vehicle that is equipped with a 4x4 drive configuration. Not only can drivers enjoy added confidence while taking on snow, mud, standing water and slick terrain, but four-wheel drive vehicles also typically have a higher resale value than two-wheel drive models. Most 4x4 vehicles allow the driver to engage the configuration as needed, which is beneficial when it comes to enhancing fuel economy, because the 4x4 configuration is less fuel-efficient.

Shop Quality Pre-Owned 4x4 Vehicles in Mesa County, CO

When it comes time to shop for a pre-owned 4x4 vehicle in the Grand Valley of Colorado, many local shoppers turn to Carville’s Auto Mart in Grand Junction. Our dealership offers a vast selection of 4x4 sport utility vehicles and pick-up trucks for our patrons to choose from—all they have to do is scroll through our used 4x4 inventory and click on the vehicles that they are interested in to view their key specifications and features. From there, shoppers can view photos of the vehicle, read through its CarFax, apply for financing, and inquire about the vehicle’s availability. Interested parties can contact our dealership’s team by calling 970-241-5370. We hope to work with you soon!