Forest River Apex in Grand Junction CO

Family relaxing at the lake with Forest River Apex camper in background

As we move further into the springtime, it's as good a time as ever to hitch up your RV to the back of your truck or SUV and head out for a fun, relaxing weekend of camping. There aren't many options that are better (and more cost-efficient) than the Forest River Apex, one of the most well-constructed campers on the market. Its aluminum frame, breathable graphics, and available slide system form a welcoming façade to a beautiful, cozy interior, making sure that you and your family enjoy the ride – and the views – every step of the way.

For the feel of a living room wherever your travels are taking you, you can't go wrong with the Forest River Apex; its easy-to-use hitch system and weight that often checks in at under 6,000 pounds make it easily accommodated by many large vehicles, and what lies inside is sure to inspire awe and serenity. Come with our Carville's Auto Mart team today and check out more of what makes the Apex truly an apex of recreation!

Interior Features 

Technology and Electronics 

Convenience and Construction 

LED Interior and Awning lights  Available USB charging station  Magnetic Door Closures (select panels) 
Water heater bypass valve and pump  Antenna w/ cable TV hookups  Azdel Composite Panels 
Stainless steel oven and refrigerator  8-inch wide ducted air conditioner  Glass shower door w/ 34-inch neo-angle showers 
Residential plush comforter w/ bunk shelves and mattresses  Built-in furnace w/ forced air and ducts  Heat / stain resistant stonecast sink 

Get a new Forest River Apex RV at Carville's Auto Mart

Ideally, most of your time spent camping should be used doing outdoor activities, but when you need to unwind the Forest River Apex has everything you need. Feel free to relax on the 68-inch residential sofa or enjoy your food for the day on the U-shaped dinette that the Apex offers. With congoleum flooring, overhead bedroom cabinets and Ambrosia Ash cabinetry, the Apex is truly a camper that brings the most luxurious of auras to the table every time. Plus, its welded aluminum framing won't rot, and an aluminum reinforced laminated roof will keep you protected from the elements. All these innovations add up to the Apex being a more-than-suitable home away from home.

Pricing for the Forest River Apex starts at under $20,000, and we have a healthy selection of the sort here at Carville's Auto Mart. Contact us today if you'd like to see more of what this legendary line has to offer, and we'll be more than happy to get you ready for your next excursion!